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    May 17, 2013
    5:00 - 5:31pm PDT  

the victims' porsche and started shooting at them. reporter: police say both the driver and the passenger of this white porsche were shot multiple times. the porsche slammed into the guardrail ejecting the passenger, who was then hit by at least one vehicle. chp officers found the driver also dead in the car. >> it does not appear to be a random act because of the way -- of the proximity of the rounds hitting the car. there are no reports of any shots being fired from the white porsche towards this other vehicle. >> reporter: this is one of many shell casings found in northbound 880. police believe a dark suv pulled up to the white porsche and started shooting when the cars reached the jackson street on-ramp. this man heard the gunshots. >> it was like pow, pow, pow. pow-pow-pow-pow. really loud. >> reporter: police believe the gunmen targeted the victims. they don't have a motive or
suspect description. they closed the northbound direction of 880 for several hours to look for evidence and interview witnesses. fans on the way home were stuck on the freeway. >> i think they are cowards for shooting on the freeway. >> reporter: authorities haven't released the victims' names saying only that the driver was in his 30s and the passenger in his 20s. both contra costa county residents. they apparently had on the yellow warriors t-shirts given out at last night's game. the 2010 porsche is registered to this bay point address. oakland police will look at surveillance video at the arena and at the coliseum. they have a lot of tape to go through. they want to see if the victims had any arguments either inside the arena or out here in the parking lot before the shooting. >> that's what i was going to ask. obviously, it's a play-off game, sold out, so there are a lot of people there. their belief is it might have started inside the arena and then made its way all the way onto the freeway? >> reporter: right. because the victims, they did
drive a very expensive car, the porsche, it's a very flashy car, and police are saying that if anybody saw anything, and that car could have attracted a lot of attention, and so they are asking folks if they saw anything, to give the police department a call. >> thank you, da lin in oakland. another shooting near a freeway last night this one involving alameda county sheriff's deputies. they tried to stop two suspects in a car with stolen plates. this was along 580 in castro valley. as the driver jumped out and ran, a passenger jumped behind the wheel and tried to get away. deputy opened fire. that man is in critical condition. the other suspect under arrest. new at 5:00 a long-time worker at the port of oakland was killed on the job when his truck plunged into the bay. the coast guard says the pickup went off berth 30 around 2 p.m. they are investigating whether the truck was knocked moot water by machinery. officials -- -- knocked into
the water by machinery. officials say it's an unfortunate accident. >> it's a very sad thing that should not have happened. it's an accident. and we will be investigating. >> the worker's name hasn't been released yet. the port of oakland will be shut down for the next 24 hours while investigators look into what happened. the america's cup races will go on for now. but the italians want some changes. speaking at a news conference today, the owner of the italian team said he is still committed to racing the new ac72 yacht. but he is asking for new safety precautions and limits on wind speed. all this follows the deadly accident involving a member of the artemis team on the bay last week. [ non-english language ] >> the america's cup proposal was to have 25 knots instead of 33 that currently are in the protocol. >> here's the problem. no one is exactly sure how to change the rules.
that could lead to a disagreement between the teams. more on that dispute and what appeared to be a shot at oracle's larry ellison coming up tonight at 6:00. just a couple of days ago, governor brown painted a gloomy picture of the state's finances. >> not a lot of money here, folks. we have climbed out of a hole with the proposition 30 tax. that's good. but this is not the time to break out the champagne. >> well, now may be time to celebrate. california's look at a windfall of $3.2 billion. but assembly speaker john perez says the extra money shouldn't be seen as an automatic green light to increase spending. but it does get better. california's jobless rate the lowest it's been in 4.5 years. it's at 9% down from 9.4. and the state added more than 10,000 jobs in april with a lot of those gains in the bay area. contra costa and alameda counties added 2100 positions. san francisco, san mateo, marin counties added 4100 jobs. she stole his heart, then
police say she stole his money. now a santa clara woman at the heart of the sham marriage is behind bars. 28-year-old gina mitchell was arrested for tricking an 85- year-old man into marrying her and bilking him out of $350,000. officials say mitchell lied and took money for a fake business. she was arrested thursday night in a sting operation trying to get more money. other bay area headlines, the san jose man accused in a triple stabbing was formally charged in court today. 28-year-old ruben ramirez is charged with the murder in -- in the killing of his mother and 1-year-old nephew also the attempted murder and stabbing of his 3-year-old niece. authorities say the girl is steadily improving. elective surgeries are being canceled at bay area uc medical centers because of a possible strike. patient care and technical workers in san francisco and four other uc hospitals are planning to walk off the job
tuesday and wednesday. emergency surgeries will not be affected. the tour of california is in san jose tonight. today is stage 6 of the eight- day event that started in southern california and will end in santa rosa. even though it's supposed to be the largest annual spectator sporting event in the state, kpix 5's len ramirez tells us the tour has lost some fans. wren? >> reporter: that's right. the tour is back here in the bay area but you know what? a lot has changed in the world of cycling since it was here last year. lance armstrong has admitted to doping and he was stripped of his 7 tour de france titles. several other past american champions including champions of this race have also admitted doping. cycling fans say they have heard it all and hope the sport finally hit bottom and is now on the way back up. reporter: the color and excitement of professional road cycling has returned to the bay area. >> i like racing better than ballgames. >> fun watching them on television but you want to see
what it looks like for real. >> reporter: the amgen tour of california rolled into san jose for an individual time trial, the so-called race against the clock. but after doping scandals involving lance armstrong and other past champions, is cycling going through its own trials in the court of pub opinion? >> what can i say? lance [ bleep ] -- >> reporter: cycling fans say the scandals have affected the sport. >> it's hurting, but it's recuperating very slowly about it. >> reporter: although the crowd seemed smaller this year, tour organizers say cycling still enjoys strong fan support. but the fans have to trust that the riders are clean. >> we have always maintained the strictest anti-doping policies here. we exceed a lot of the protocols for even the european races. the sport has changed. >> reporter: the amgen tour is the biggest race of its kind in the united states and 100 california cities have asked to host a start or finish in next year's race. the fans who have stuck with the sport through good times and bad say they will be back. >> i was watching that 50 years
ago and i intend to watch until i die. >> reporter: fans say they are sticking with their sport the way baseball fans stuck through their sport when it had the steroids scandals. but liz, there is a lot to watch here. it's a free sport. people like coming out. they like seeing the excitement. and they like seeing a finish like what happened today on metcalf road. tj of the bmc team won the stage today. looks like he is on the way to a championship. >> it's thrilling to watch even if you're not a cyclist. what's happening in the race this weekend, what we can expect? >> reporter: there is a lot going on. fans in the bay area will have two great opportunities to see the riders coming through again. tomorrow they start off in livermore going all the way up to mount diablo. and then on sunday, we'll finish with a stage from san francisco to santa rosa. so a lot of excitement ahead. >> it's going to be beautiful. great weather for it, too. all right, len, thanks. planning your summer getaway could take some strategy on your part.
why experts say don't wait. buy now. >> a little less glam at cannes. >> it's all about the sunshine in the south bay but temperatures have not responded because of a strong onshore flow but wait until you see how warm it's going to get over the weekend. i'll have that coming up in my forecast. >> reporter: i'm ken bastida in contra costa county. the exclusive community that may have to say no to bicycle riders. we'll have that story coming up. ,, ,,,,
tomorrow night's drawing. the prize??? 600 million bu it's now the largest prize in powerball history and it's only going to get bigger before tomorrow night's drawing. the prize right now $600 million. the rapid growth is attributed to the massive popularity after recently being brought into california. the largest jackpot ever won was a $656 million prize. it was mega millions. that was back in march of 2012. winning the lottery would certainly make traveling
easier, wouldn't it? especially for passengers who played that waiting game, do you buy the ticket now, do you wait to see if the prize drop? kpix 5 reporter mark sayre shows us how to navigate air travel while saving the most money. reporter: >> runway 3-0 right. >> cleared for take-off 3-0 right american. >> reporter: clear for take-off into the summer skies and less leg room, high fares and all sorts of fees. just ask kristina swindlehurst. >> it means you have to plan in advance for everything. i mean, like even when i fly home from berkeley to san diego, i have to buy my ticket like three or four months in advance in order to get like a decent price on a seat. >> reporter: swindlehurst says she carefully planned this particular trip just to avoid as many bag fees as possible. >> we got -- there are two of us, we have four big ones for free and then the rest we're carrying on. >> reporter: with the economy rebounding, planes this summer are expected to be packed. and a survey from the online
travel service priceline says all summer months are not created equal when it comes to airfares with july being the highest. helen of san jose's let's travel agrees. >> july is kind of a peak time. things are more limited, more expense every. >> reporter: when planes were less full, you might have been able to swoop in at the last minute and book a good airfare as airlines were trying to fill seats. but not anymore. >> people think, i'm going to get that last-minute deal and sometimes they're there, but you know, rule of thumb, not really. >> reporter: frequent travelers try to stick with one airline's loyalty program to offset fees. this flyer says he still has to look hard for good deals. >> but now it's changing so much. it can change every month. the prices change every month. so right now it's confusing. >> reporter: all those fees are certainly adding up. according to the u.s. department of transportation, u.s.-based airlines collected $3.5 billion in baggage fees last year alone just a little
less than reservation change fees. despite all those fees, all the u.s.-based airlines in the first quarter of the year are still losing money. back to you. >> if the planes are that crowded, then there is the trickle down thing, the parking lots, security lines, restaurants, you name it. >> reporter: and airports are very concerned about that. the word is, get here early, get her early with the sequestration, the tsa has had to cut back on overtime hours, security lines are longer. it's expected to be rough at airports all across the country. >> happy vacation. thanks, mark. >> reporter: indeed. it's not what you expect to see at your typical hotel pool. the cause of this dramatic crash caught on camera. >> no outsiders allowed. pedal through. the reason one bay area community is looking to ban out-of-town cyclists.
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speeding on the wrong side shes into a park while scene in fort lauderdale caught on video here, a wild scene. a driver speeding on the wrong side of the road crashes into a parked car. there it is. sends it right into the hotel pool. the owner of the parked car says she is lucky to be alive because she was minutes away from going downstairs to the parking lot when she saw that crash happen while standing on her balcony. the driver was taken to the
hospital with serious injuries. investigators still looking into exactly what happened. kpix 5's ken bastida is with mobile weather in contra costa county where a small community has had it with bike riders. ken, they're talking about extreme measures. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, elizabeth. welcome to the community of diablo here in unincorporated contra costa county. it is very exclusive here, homes can go in not only the millions but in the tens of millions of dollars. and they are having a problem with people cutting through this community to go up to mount diablo. specifically, road bikes and mountain bikes who want to access the trails up there. and a lot of people have been cutting through here. so the road and police services are going to consider a ban on bikes cutting through this exclusive community. now, alan wadsworth who lived here for 40 years says he doesn't like that idea. >> no problem with the bikes at all. >> reporter: you think it's a
little elitist of them to try to kick bikes out of here? >> it's just self-interest. it just -- they're -- they're following their own comfort level. they don't want to share the road with anybody. if they could have the road all to themselves, no other cars, why, they'd do it. >> reporter: so the complaints are fairly legitimate. you have people riding too fast, a lot of bikes in a row, people ignoring stop signs, a public safety issue in some cases. and sal gallagher also lives here. he says yeah, he gets that but they are cracking down on it right now. >> actually, about three, four months ago they parked a chp inside a diablo neighborhood and there's a guy standing there. he gave everyone who ran the stop sign a ticket for three weekends in a row. staking out a stop sign. legally we're supposed to stop at the stop signs but half the neighbors and the cars don't stop at the stop signs.
that's a true story. >> reporter: ironically, the amgen tour will be running about 100 yards behind this house going up to mount diablo. tomorrow there will be 10,000 people here in the community. and a lot of them will be on their own bikes. reporting live from diablo, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. the countdown is on for sunday's bay to breakers race. mobile weather in san francisco kpix 5's roberta gonzales with runners gearing up. reporter: mobile weather rolled on up to the concourse exhibition center off 8th street here in san francisco. if you are going to be running this race, you have to be here either today or tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. now, the reason is, this is where the athletes, the runners, come and pick up their bib numbers and officially sign in and say that they're running the race. so far we have 28,000 people that will be running this race. and then we expect more thousands of runners to come in and just walk up and sign in. now, to give you a little history of the bay to breakers,
it was actually the great san francisco earthquake of 1906 that caused this race to be formed. it's true. it was civic leaders that thought the morale of the city was so down, so devastated from that great earthquake, they decided to form a cross-city race. it's 7.5 miles. here we are at 101 years later and it's still going strong. if you are one of the runners wondering about the race, the weather conditions couldn't be better. we're talking about the 50s at the starting line at 7 a.m. by the time you finish at the sotion, right around the low 60s at the ocean, with an afternoon high of 67 degrees. reporting from the concord exhibition center in san francisco with mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. now in the studio, paul deanno with weather. thank you, roberta. we are talking about sunshine all weekend long. i love this perspective here. i know it's the toll plaza of the bay bridge but look what's happening behind it. not a single cloud in the sky. that means the onshore flow is beginning to weaken and it's all about the sunshine right now. here's a live look outside.
current temperatures we're talking about 69 degrees in concord. 67 for livermore. san francisco cool breezy 60. but santa rosa you did hit 70 degrees today. forecast lows for tonight, it should be very comfortable, keep the windows open in concord, low of 50. redwood city 50. san jose 51. and san rafael 47 degrees. here's the setup. low pressure is beginning to move out. look at all that rainfall out toward idaho and utah and northern nevada but that is moving away from us. what's moving toward us is high pressure. it's building in. it will be here for several days getting closer tomorrow, it will be sunny and still not warm. we'll save the warm coming up for sunday and monday. inland we may have highs approach 90 degrees. next week if you are not a fan of the heat, big strong area of low pressure will dye down from the arctic kicking up the onshore flow. after warm weather on sunday and monday we'll be cooling down efficiently after that. so what to expect? we have morning clouds along the coastline on saturday and sunday. otherwise, it's all about sunshine for bay to breakers and for your entire weekend. we will warm up all the way through monday.
we may even get close to 80 degrees near the bay coming up on monday. highs tomorrow concord up to 78 degrees. san jose up to 74. much closer to normal. warmer than today. redwood city you will hit 70. fremont 69 degrees. close to 80 in pleasant hill, walnut creek and danville, pleasanton 79 degrees. san rafael 74. berkeley close to 70. and 65 tomorrow for downtown san francisco. look at the warmup on sunday. we'll get even warmer on monday, close to 90 inland. then we begin to cool off and by the middle of next week, we'll be back down to the 60s near the bay and 70s inland. but once again another forecast, not too hot, not too cold, lots of sunshine, two thumbs up. >> perfect for watching all the great events this weekend. >> the kids hope it holds until they get out of school pretty soon. >> couple of weeks. don't remind us. summer is coming. >> it is. >> thanks. forget the onesies and the teething rings. the baby product industry is growing up. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on the new breed of baby merchandise that probably
a lot of our parents wish they had. reporter: from snot suckers to teething necklaces browse a boutique and you will hear this. >> they didn't have that stuff when we were kids. >> reporter: but parents nationwide are singing the praises of the new products like the teething necklace that makes things easier. >> i didn't wear jewelry. it's nice that she can chew on this. i have seen these used at restaurants for babies to be entertained so the parents can have dinner. >> reporter: there are styles to go from mom's neck to baby's mouth. and then there are products intended to use mom's mouth. so this seems really gross to me. but you say you can't keep it on the shelves. >> sometimes effectiveness overrides the disgusting factor. >> reporter: nurse nancy held explains you insert one in the nose and suck the snot from the other. while it may seem counselor it intuitive, she says it's sanitary and effective and you
don't end up with mucous in the mouth. >> it stays in the container and goes in the dishwasher. >> very handy. >> much better than the bulb thing. >> reporter: when it comes to feeding every new mom hears breast is best but now there are a series of products aimed at helping mom breast-feed longer like milk screens. >> a lot of women stop breast- feeding sooner than they might have wanted because they want to drink a glass of wine here and there. so these are great because you can be reassured that there isn't any alcohol in your milk. >> reporter: and for multitasking moms, the breast pump bustier is hands-free pumping. many parents today will tell you, they are just happy they don't have to. >> some stuff is excessive. there are different things that have become crucial. you want to play with it, don't you? >> reporter: now, in the vein of possibly unnecessary but helpful, we found these warmsies as well which heat the
bottle on the go similar to hand warmers. for information on these products go to >> great stuff. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
festival. police say thieves got away with more a million dollars worth of . the crooks unscrew it's going to be less bling on the red carpet at the cannes film festival. police say thieves got more than a million dollars of jewels. the crooks unscrewed the safe that the jewels were locked in and took it.
the gems were going to be worn by the movie stars. police are expecting security video for clues. nasa scientists say it's the biggest explosion on the moon in eight years. nasa recorded it on march 17. and the flash may look kind of small to us but if you were looking at the moon at the right time, you would have seen it with the naked eye. it was caused when a large boulder traveling 56,000 miles per how -- per hour slammed into the moon. it's 10 times brighter than anything seen before. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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poaching the bay area's news with scott pelley is nex "cbs evening news" is next. captions by: caption colorado revelations in the i.r.s. scandal. top officials are sworn to tell truth, and we learn of another fabrication in the targeting of conservative groups. nancy cordes and wyatt andrews are on the story. anna werner meets the survivor where's 16 tornadoes tore through texas. it's not just cleveland. jim axelrod finds that battered women are held hostage more often than we knew. lines stretch for hours in the largest powerball jackpot ever. carter evans is in los angeles. and steve hartman on the road with charles mowbry. his combat gallantry went unrecognized until an eight- year-old took the government to school. >> he fought for our country and our freedom. everyone deserves something for that.